Cafe Digital Signage in Nepal: The Ultimate Guide

The basics of any eatery are the environment that best suits the customers, a place to attract people out on a food hunt, or just a cozy place where one can dine as they, please. Keeping this in mind, cafe signage helps make a food business more authentic and communicative. Anyone on a food lookout is more likely to visit a place that speaks tasteful dishes wide out to the customers.”

These signs pop around in many areas of public space. The advertising boards easily catch the eye of passersby. Many institutions use digital signage on daily basis. The food business is on the rise, and in a country like Nepal where people are highly enthusiastic to taste quality food, it is only growing bigger. However, the use of technology is not common as we can see in foreign cafes; to make the menu and food items more interesting. This is where café signage comes into play. 

The lack of use of technology has gravely hindered the food industry resulting in marginalized growth of revenue. We are here to understand how this digital signage makes a café area livelier. We will thereby explain what café signage is, the outright benefits of the signs, and how we can get the best out of it.

A person walking up on the street is more likely to get attracted to the place well described by using these digital screens. They are more bound to go to a place that is easily accessible via boards rather the obscure places less easily known to people. Sigma DS works to enhance the productivity of the business by providing cloud-based services with digital signage features. The company has worked with hundreds of cafe owners to make use of digital screens as a way to enhance the brand. Among many digital signage solution provideder in Nepal, Sigma DS leads the way in making any business digital.

What is cafe digital signage?

Cafe digital signage is a digital board that displays menu items, and art related to food on a screen. The signs catch the eyes of people. 

  • They are the tools to communicate to the customers about the cafe. Signs such as billboards can be helpful for people to find the cafe. 
  • They enhance the brand and advertise it among people.

The cafe digital signage is a way to present an interactive model to the customers to offer the services needed to them. It boosts the work environment among the working staff, chefs, and waiters. They display the duty routine among the workers.

Sigma DS works with customers by featuring all the services mentioned.

Why use digital cafe signage?

The digital signage entertains guests while they wait in the lobby. We can have people waiting for their orders, and they can sit around without being bored as they watch different visuals running on the screen. The café can run third-party ads to increase revenue, which will help to prosper the business further. The sponsored contents pay a good sum as it interacts with a large group of customers.

Some of the major benefits of using digital signage in a cafe are as follows:

  • Regular updates on menu items. 

It is easier to update the items in the menu when using digital technology than to do it manually. It saves time wasted in waiting for printing the items and list, which may take around weeks. Sigma DS has features to make regular changes through the cloud-based medium.

  • Limited Time Offers.

The updates on offers are present for a certain time only. This attracts more customers as new offers mean new opportunities and better products.

  • Branding

Brand awareness increases with the frequent display of signs and logos affiliated with the restaurant. It helps to advertise the brand value among those who are yet to be familiar with the place. Sigma DS has helped multiple business owners to increase their brand value with time.

How to use digital signs for cafes?

Place the signs that are best visible to everyone. Keep the signs in a suitable location that is easily accessible to everyone. A person passing by can look up at it and find out about the place.

Visuals that best attract people. We are well aware of the phrase “A picture speaks more than a thousand words.” The use of high-quality signs creates a good impression on the customers. It engraves into their mind and gives them an idea about the quality of service offered there.

Every restaurant has its specialty. These menu items have regular updates. People are bound to buy goods that placed in front of them with certain offers. This helps to maximize sales, and increase profit.

Key areas to consider while making cafe digital signage:

  • Audience: 

The focus should be the targeted audience. The offers should be irresistible to people. The signs can be used to aware of the product and make them invest in them.

  • Message:

The signage should indicate why it is there. To spread the right awareness about the food items present on the menu.

  • Environment:

The placement of the signage in a safe and secure area ensures its reach. It is important to focus on the area where the boards or the display screens are present. 

  • Function:

Durability and functionality are the major aspects to use signage effectively. The long-term age of café signs ensures their optimum usage without having to worry about frequent maintenance.

Here at Sigma DS, we provide a service that ensures all these cases. The functionality of the signs is well-monitored and checked time, and again. We provide service to counsel on how to get maximum benefits from the usage of café digital signage. Our goal is to make services that look after digital signage solutions in Nepal.

Our service for the future of cafe digital signage

  • Easy access to login features from any location of your choice to update the content.
  • Provide maximum templates, and animations required for interactive display.
  • Handle a larger number of screens with ease.

The features to make changes are easily available to the business owners to make necessary changes, as it is required. Cloud-based apps help to make updates from remote locations with an internet connection without the need to visit the site where the display screens are present. 

Sigma DS makes it easy to handle a large number of screens at a time without being worried about network traffic. 

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