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digital signage for retail store
digital signage for retail store
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Sigma Digital Signage Portal allows remote content management on screens via the Sigma DS Player app. Simply add media, create playlists, and add screens to start broadcasting. Control your content effortlessly from anywhere.

We have already served 60+ governmental offices and 200+ business entities.

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Sigma DS Features

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Features

Sigma CMS 

No recurring monthly charges. User-friendly solution. Remote screen control. Control one or a thousand screens. Premium support is available.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule playlists by date and time. Show up-to-date contents, anytime. One off, repeating and always-on events. Use dayparting to make scheduling easier.

Simple Layout Design

You can divide the screen however you like. Use text, photos, and videos. Use Twitter, traffic, and weather widgets. Create new layouts quickly using templates.

Advanced Monitoring

Easily view the status of all of your devices. Verify internet connectivity of devices. Take snapshots of the content being played. Monitor all the Displays on your network.

Why Choose Sigma DS?

Our cloud-based digital signage system has a CMS to manage and control the content of your displays. Also, you can create users with various roles to view, edit, and approve changes.

Sigma DS supports easy handling of advertisements. You have complete control on your displays and the content you play.

Sigma digital signage system consists of a layout editor feature that enables you to design the layout for your signage without the cost of expert designers.
Sigma DS has cool widgets to add to the layout of your displays. 

A Digital Signage That Works For Every Industry

With the aid of our Digital Signage CMS, you can use digital signage all across your campus to significantly improve communications. Your signs can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Plan out your content and menus.
Encourage customer interaction with special offers, attractive menu boards and photo gallery.

Showcase health and fitness tips and awareness messages, improve hospital wayfinding signage, promote your services, and entertain visitors and patients.

Sigma DS provides advanced yet user-friendly ways to manage and create stunning content for your digital signs in fitness and gym facilities.

Improve both the on-site and in-room guest experience. Effectively cross-sell and upsell services. Highlight hotel amenities to attract guests.

Government digital signage enables federal, state & municipal institutions & organizations to communicate efficiently with the public & staff.

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    Easy to Setup

    The Sigma DS Player is a plug-and-play device. We provide you with a complete kit that is already set up for WiFi and contains everything you need. We assure you don't need to be tech savvy!

    Player Lockdown Security

    Protect your players from tampering that might be exploited to harm your network. You don't have to be physically there to initiate lockdown; it can be done remotely.

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