How Much Does Digital Signage Cost in Nepal? A Complete Guide

digital signage cost in nepal

Digital Signage is widely used in advertising and marketing. It has proved to be one of the most effective communication platforms over many conventional ways of promotions. The major advantage of using digital signage is the presentation of products and services in a modern way that lures customers towards the product and enhances your sales chart.

The wide variety of benefits may put you into a dilemma about the cost and expense of establishing a digital signage platform in Nepal. Is it budget-friendly? Is it expensive? These are some questions that come into the mind of anyone who wants to use the service of digital signage.

Do not worry about the digital signage cost in Nepal, because we have covered it all. Here at Sigma DS, we have prepared a complete guide about the information you need to use digital signage. Let’s get into it.

Major Elements of Digital Signage Solution

The cost of digital signage mostly depends on these elements.

1.   Hardware

2.   Software

3.   Licensing

These are the basic elements of signage solutions provided to you by Sigma DS. As a cloud-based digital signage solution provider, we understand your needs and the feasibility of establishing a proper system for digital signage services. Suitable investment with the best possible performance for our customers is our goal. 

There are a few digital signage solutions that are available for free. Nevertheless, being free does not mean being reliable and trustworthy.

A Complete Breakdown of Digital Signage Cost in Nepal


Display Screens

The display screens are the basics to install the digital signage solution. Now you can choose the display as you please from various screens.

  • Digital Displays/TVs
  • Interactive Screens
  • Video Wall
  • Menu Boards
  • Tablets
  • Large Format Screens

It is obvious to need clarification about the best hardware choice when you have many options. Which brand should I prefer? What necessary features are helpful for my business? The size of the screen, and so on.

You can answer your questions all by yourself. All you need is a better understanding of your needs and goal; to get better clarity on the below-mentioned points.

  • Identify your needs, goals, and budget.
  • Select the location to set up the display screen
  • Analyze the viewing angle, wall space, and screen size based on your location
  • Have research before deciding to buy the product. Opt for the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Sigma DS suggests you go for commercial digital displays instead of TV screens to create a better impact on your target audience. Some might find it expensive, but in the long run, your investment will come to be fruitful. Commercial displays have better processing power, better warranties, and much longer lifespan. 

Approximate Cost 

At Sigma DS, digital display costs depend on the resolution, size, and brand value. The display screen usually costs anywhere between Rs. 30,000 to upto Rs. 3,00,000.

Media Players

Media Players are the basics to stream digital content on the display screen. There are three types of media players available for digital signage.

  • All-in-one solution: These media players do not need to integrate any hardware as they are built into a tine display.
  • Plug and Play devices:  It is an option when you want to have an inexpensive media player.
  • Boxes: They are expensive but have higher processing power, durability, and large storage capacity.

You need to select the right option based on the need to fit your budget and goals. As a leading digital signage solution provider in Nepal, Sigma DS helps you to find the right solution.

Approximate Cost

The price of media players varies as per your specifications. The average cost of a media player can be around Rs. 10,000 up to Rs. 50,000.

Mounting Hardware

The consumer has various options to choose from for mounting hardware. Ceiling mounts and flat wall mounts are a few examples of them. You can select an optimum location for your digital display screens to mount your devices accordingly. It is available in two major types: commercial and consumer. Commercial mounts are more effective and efficient in usage compared to consumer mounts. Better servicing and easy-to-make adjustments are a few features of commercial mounts.

Approximate Cost

The consumer mounting hardware is available for around Rs. 10,000.

The commercial mounting hardware is available for around Rs. 1000.

Installation Cost

The installation cost may differ from digital signage providers’ features and conditions. Sigma DS helps customers to understand their needs and provide digital signage solutions in a much more productive and cost-effective manner.

Approximate Cost

The installation cost of two or three screens may vary from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000. If you want to install larger screens, the price may reach around Rs. 10,000.


There are wide varieties of software in the market that aids digital signage solutions. While considering software for your business, you must have trained staff who can understand the software and use it accordingly. You may have to hire professionals who are experienced in the field.

Approximate Cost

It is more convenient to train your staff rather than hire new professionals, which are bound to increase the cost of paying higher salaries.

Content Creation

The engagement of customers is very much important. It would be best if you had a team to build lucrative and interactive content that can quickly draw the customers’ attention toward your product. Sigma DS helps you to incorporate all these needs to make your signage solution more effective.

Approximate Cost

The cost depends upon the size of your team and the professionals associated with it. 

Support and Maintenance

Your business needs a support and maintenance team to make amends whenever the system crashes or reaches a faulty scenario. It would help if you had experienced staff to solve the issue instantly. 

Many business owners ignore the need for support and maintenance teams, facing many complications in running the service. You should have a team that provides 24/7 services.

 Approximate Cost

The support and maintenance cost of digital signage depends on several scenarios and the complexity of the network. The skilled workforce needs optimum salary so they can serve your business.


You need to pay a licensing fee to use the service of digital signage solutions. A wide variety of features, such as support management, templates, animations, playlist manager, and so on, require licensing fees.

The software is scalable and easy to integrate into your system. You need to subscribe to various services as required by your business scheme. The cloud-based digital signage solution requires applications, so your business can run smoothly.

Approximate Cost

The cost of licensing may vary as per your need. Here at Sigma DS, we provide a yearly subscription for the digital signage solution. The annual subscription costs Rs. 4500 per license.

Digital Signage Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a signage solution is different based on how reliable your provider is. After a certain period, you have to replace or upgrade the hardware. It would help if you also made timely repairs to the hardware. You must invest in IT infrastructure to maintain hardware compatibility and performance. We suggest you go for commercial hardware over consumer hardware as it has better features and durability.

Free Digital Signage Software

A few digital signage solution providers provide free software. But can you rely on free software? The performance of free software cannot be reliable. They are not scalable, offer little to no support, and need regular maintenance. It will hinder the productivity of your business rather than help it to grow. 

As a digital signage solution provider, Sigma DS has plans to provide digital signage solutions cost-effectively. We ensure the durability of digital signage solutions. Performance, Reliability, and Integrity are our primary goals. With the services offered at Sigma DS, your business is guaranteed to see profitable growth gradually.

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