Digital Signage for Schools and Colleges

Sigma DS is the best option for schools and colleges since it provides an easy-to-use platform that can be used to create and manage digital displays with the goal of strengthening communication and improving staff and student engagement.

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Reach out to students quickly and efficiently.

Use captivating media to leave a lasting impression on children from kindergarten through college with your updates and messaging. Use free and simple screen layout templates, personalized campus news tickers, and stock photos and videos. Using simple to-create schedules you can customize each screen, everything from permission slip deadlines, university preparation sessions, to course periods, and team tryouts, to reach the correct students at the proper time.


Improved processing of visuals compared to text


Of education institutions see signage as vital


Strengthen relationships between students

Give students a platform, and use screens throughout the campus to showcase club meetings, school plays, friendship circles, and team victories. Build a vibrant school community by featuring pictures and videos made by the students, for the students. Utilize digital signage technology for STEM education as well. Use your screens to encourage students to take part in events. A positive, inclusive school culture is essential. Appreciate and encourage accomplishments.


Encourage fundraising events and draw new students

Boost your earnings so you can put more money back into your student’s education and school. Promote fundraising events and increase participation by quickly showcasing photos and videos of the outstanding student experience. Additionally, increase enrollment by winning over parents and potential students by showcasing student success stories. Your screens will give a return on investment thanks to digital signage for education.

Benefits of digital signage for schools and colleges

Attractive updates

Forget about the dull noticeboards. Create memorable announcements with layouts and playlists for school signage.

Reduce costs and time.

Sigma DS, a simple school signage solution, is more cost-effective than static displays like flyers and posters. Additionally, you save time by instantly updating information from any location.

Ensure student safety

When it comes to safety announcements, digital signage in school might be very helpful. Display information about evacuation routes and weather alerts along with other emergency warnings and messages.

Increase school spirit

Create an accepting and helpful community. Celebrate class accomplishments and increase club engagement by using digital content.

Effective schedules

Keep students, parents, and faculty informed and up to date. Schools can use digital signage for schools to instantly update schedules.

Improve the experience

Use digital signage for schools and colleges to showcase wayfinding and help students, professors, and visitors to find their classes and offices. Show the time, date, and location of the guest lecture.

Display school news conveniently with Sigma DS

Instead of focusing on the signage, we want you to pay attention to your students. Simply drag and drop any images, videos, and documents into our digital signage system. With remote screen management, it merely takes one click to display it on screens all throughout schools and colleges. Playlists that are simple to construct and free templates that are easy to customize help quickly and beautifully display your updates on the screen. 

No technical knowledge is necessary; just plug in our Sigma Media Player to the TV and it will work. Additionally, it is durable and reliable, making it ideal for the harsh environments seen in schools. Most significantly, it is specifically designed for digital signage, making it the high-end technology that businesses can rely on.

Count on our superior safety mechanisms, which prevent tampering on both our software and hardware. No need to worry about senior pranks with Sigma DS.Put your trust in firewall, SSL, as well as Player Lockdown and Encryption features.

Choose from thousands of free stock images in our Galleries or use your own photos and videos. Additionally, no matter where you are, you can instantly edit, update, and display your information in real-time directly from our web platform.

Starting at just Rs. 2000/year/screen, we provide incomparable, feature-rich pricing packages that are affordable for all schools and colleges. Please contact us for special pricing if you are planning a large-scale roll-out of digital signage for education.

We have knowledgeable technical support engineers available to you at all times. Most importantly, get in touch with us so we can assist you remotely and make sure your digital signage is running successfully.