Digital Signage for Cafes and Restaurants

Sigma DS, Digital signage for cafes and restaurants is a must-have solution since it provides a quick and easy way to create and manage digital menu boards and promos that can improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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Quickly create beautiful digital menu boards

Add your own branding, photos, or videos to our free menu board templates. No matter where you are, quickly update menu items and prices online. Changes are reflected instantly on screens in many places that can reduce costs and time.


of restaurant owners report that digital signage has increased sales.



Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Display your promotions to boost sales

Last-minute orders are boosted by eye-catching videos and photos of promotions and deals. Additionally, employ TVs and storefront signage to draw in new and recurring customers. It is simple to design and schedule playlists of discounts and promos with sigma digital signage software.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Cafe and Restaurants that increase your earnings


Customers are tempted while waiting in line by visually appealing media. While your staff concentrates on keeping clients satisfied, let your screens do the selling.


Use menu boards on storefronts to draw in more customers. Draw them in, they're already hungry for your tasty meal. Then promote additional menu items on the store TVs.


Engage customers as they wait for their orders by displaying upcoming deals, product details, news, and weather. Also let them know about events and party services.


Display loyalty programs to draw in recurring customers. Showcase excellent consumer feedback from social media as well.


Plan your menu boards so you can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the right audience at the right moment.

Save money

Help the environment while saving money. In place of spending money on design and printing services, update your digital menu board.

Why choose Sigma DS?

Drag and drop is all it takes to quickly upload your pictures and videos. Additionally, use hundreds of free stock photos from our galleries to make mouthwatering digital menu boards that increase sales.

No matter where you are, you can use our web platform to remotely upload, modify, and display content on all TVs from your PC.

Get a simple and effective signage solution that fits any company’s budget, no matter how big or little, with incredibly reasonable pricing options. Additionally, all of our plans have a ton of features, so you get excellent value for your money.

All media content, including movies, photos, YouTube, documents, and scrolling text, are designed to run without any interruption. Additionally, you can add free Sigma Widgets to your playlists and layouts to display time, local clocks, news, and sports feeds.

If you own a bar, restaurant, or pub, did you know that your regulars like to watch sports while they enjoy beer? You can switch from signage content to live TV, or display live or cable TV along with your signage promotions and adverts on a screen layout.

The Sigma Media Player is pre-configured with your branding and includes all the necessary cords. Simply plug it in to start seeing stunning digital menu boards on your screen.

Our top priority is your security. Enterprise-level features like SSL, firewalls, password rules, player lockdown, and storage encryption ensure the security of your data. So you can rest assured that your digital signage installation complies with the highest security guidelines.