Digital Signage in the Hospitality Industry

Sigma DS is the ideal option for hospitality businesses looking to improve the experience they deliver to their customers. Easily create captivating digital signage.

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Create one-of-a-kind guest experiences.

Use attention-grabbing media to highlight your hotel’s amenities and create an exceptional experience for your visitors. Hotel digital signage may help you advertise your in-house services and provide details about additional services, nearby points of interest, and remarkable experiences. For hotel visitors who might be in a rush, exhausted, or simply feeling disoriented in their new surroundings, digital signage works wonders at providing convenient, easy-to-access information.


of restaurant owners report that digital signage has increased sales.



Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Effectively cross-sell and upsell services

Draw customers in by using screens that showcase and upsell your services. Hospitality digital signage can increase engagement and boost sales by promoting seasonal events, limited-time specials, or restaurant hours or spa services. Use multimedia content to fully engage visitors in the one-of-a-kind experiences your institution has to offer.

Extra benefits of Hospitality Digital Signage that boost your profits


Welcome visitors and immediately create a relaxed setting where they feel informed, at ease, and entertained.


Visitors can get the answers to frequently asked questions on large digital displays that show hotel-related information.


Reduce perceived wait times at the front desk by up to 35% by using digital signage that provides interesting and practical material.

Keep visitors safe

Use your screens to display emergency notifications. Remotely display safety and evacuation instructions in real time.

Boost Earnings

Utilize screens to cross- and upsell your services while sparking customers' interest.

Reduce costs and time

Easily update the digital signage in your hotel from anywhere, saving time and money on design and printing services.

Why choose Sigma DS?

No matter where the screens are, it merely takes a few clicks to get your content there. Use a content library full of layouts, stock photos and widgets to drag and drop content onto the platform. 

With the help of our web platform, you may remotely upload, edit, and show content on all TVs using a PC.

We provide amazing, feature-rich plans starting at Rs. 2000 per year per screen. 

Please get in touch with us for a special price if you’re planning a major roll-out of digital signage software for any hospitality facility.

Sigma DS is designed to play various types of media information smoothly, including YouTube videos, photos, documents, and more. Use your own images and videos, or pick from a huge selection of free stock images in our galleries. No matter where you are, you can edit, update, and show your material in real time using the Sigma DS platform.

No technical knowledge is necessary; simply plug in our Sigma Media Player and it will work. It is robust and dependable, and it is developed for digital signage, making it the commercial-grade technology that many enterprises rely on.

Our top priority is keeping your data safe. Your data and screens are protected thanks to enterprise-level technologies like SSL, firewalls, Player lockdown, and storage encryption. So you can rest assured that your digital signage implementation complies with the strictest security standards.

Our skilled tech support engineers will be there for you every step of the way. In order to make sure your journey with digital signage is successful, get in touch with us or chat with us. We can assist you remotely.