Best Digital Signage for Hospitals

An effective tool for the healthcare sector, Sigma DS enables smooth communication with patients, staff, and visitors through eye-catching visuals that may inform, educate, and entertain. Sigma DS is therefore an essential tool for the healthcare sector.

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Encourage hospital workers to be the best at what they do

Hospital digital signage is beneficial to everyone, including medical staff, patients, and visitors. It’s crucial for business whether you manage a big or small hospital. With up-to-date content, you can also improve the patient and visitor experience and boost profitability by generating more promotional revenue.


of people who visit hospitals can remember at least one message from digital signage.


Reduction in stress and perceived wait times by using digital signage for hospitals.


Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Engage the public's attention with healthcare signage

Delivering appealing digital signage information that is current, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, comprehensible, and memorable is essential for reaching your target audience effectively. If you could give your viewers the information they require right now, you could watch them turn into loyal customers.

Additional signage benefits for hospitals that increase your revenues


Notify patients, staff, and visitors of any current delays, disruptions, or other emergency notifications.


Encourage your patients to use related services in order to deliver a thorough treatment experience.


Assist patients and visitors in finding restrooms, cafeterias, gift shops, and clinics.


By employing our hospital digital signage software, you may display informational, entertaining, and engaging content to reduce perceived wait times and patient frustration.


Using the scheduling feature, you can schedule your hospital information and remotely manage awareness campaigns and service promotions across many locations.

Save money

Use healthcare digital signage software to replace conventional paper marketing materials to save money and protect the environment.

Why choose Sigma DS?

Our software has an intuitive user interface that makes creating content far too simple. You can drag and drop your content into place in a matter of seconds, giving you total control over the screen. In order to improve your results, we also offer a vast library of stock photos from our galleries.

You can easily manage your content from wherever you are, upload it to any screen, and edit it online as well.

Find a streamlined signage solution that is suited to your requirements and comes with a reasonable cost. We provide solutions that are completely in line with your financial limits, and all of our plans are loaded with features that provide incredible value for your money.

Our solution gives users the option to show a variety of media types, including YouTube videos, photos, and document files. By using our selection of free Sigma Widgets that will improve the appearance of your displays, you can take your playlists and layouts to the next level.

With our platform, it is quite simple to switch from signage content to live TV. Show live or cable TV concurrently with your signage promotions to seamlessly engage your audience and increase the effect of your advertisements.

Enjoy a simple setup process with the Sigma Media Player. It easily comes pre-configured with your branding design, so say goodbye to time-consuming settings. With all the required cords included, connecting it couldn’t be simpler. Watch as your screen comes to life with the help of amazing hospital signage solutions.

Your security is a top priority at Sigma DS. In order to guarantee your absolute safety, we use enterprise-grade technologies like SSL encryption, and firewall security. Your data is always secure, allowing you to concentrate on digital signage projects without risking data security.