About Us


Established in 2016

SigmaDS is a cloud-based digital signage solution that helps businesses like retail, restaurants, banking, DOOH, corporate, healthcare, education, and many others to showcase marketing/product/service information on LED panels.

SigmaDS is simple to set up and utilize. Easy scheduling, advanced screen management, customizable layout design, media efficiency management, simplified user management, robust security, reports, and data analytics are some of the features of SigmaDS.

SigmaDS supports a wide range of media players, including Android, Windows 10, LG WebOS, Samsung Tizen, and the Raspberry Pi.

Prebuilt widgets like weather, social media, news, online feeds, live streams, and many other contents are available in SigmaDS.

SigmaDS enables both DOOH advertising signage and enterprise-level internal communication signage.


Contact Us: +977 9862040141

10 Years of Experience

Business Running 6 Years

50 Successful Projects

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