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Digital Signage for Schools and Colleges

Sigma DS is the best option for schools and colleges since it provides an easy-to-use platform that can be used to create and manage digital displays with the goal of strengthening communication and improving staff and student engagement.

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Reach out to students quickly and efficiently.

Use captivating media to leave a lasting impression on children from kindergarten through college with your updates and messaging. Use free and simple screen layout templates, personalized campus news tickers, and stock photos and videos. Using simple to-create schedules you can customize each screen, everything from permission slip deadlines, university preparation sessions, to course periods, and team tryouts, to reach the correct students at the proper time.


Improved processing of visuals compared to text


Of education institutions see signage as vital


Strengthen relationships between students

Give students a platform, and use screens throughout the campus to showcase club meetings, school plays, friendship circles, and team victories. Build a vibrant school community by featuring pictures and videos made by the students, for the students. Utilize digital signage technology for STEM education as well. Use your screens to encourage students to take part in events. A positive, inclusive school culture is essential. Appreciate and encourage accomplishments.


Encourage fundraising events and draw new students

Boost your earnings so you can put more money back into your student’s education and school. Promote fundraising events and increase participation by quickly showcasing photos and videos of the outstanding student experience. Additionally, increase enrollment by winning over parents and potential students by showcasing student success stories. Your screens will give a return on investment thanks to digital signage for education.

Benefits of digital signage for schools and colleges

Attractive updates

Forget about the dull noticeboards. Create memorable announcements with layouts and playlists for school signage.

Reduce costs and time.

Sigma DS, a simple school signage solution, is more cost-effective than static displays like flyers and posters. Additionally, you save time by instantly updating information from any location.

Ensure student safety

When it comes to safety announcements, digital signage in school might be very helpful. Display information about evacuation routes and weather alerts along with other emergency warnings and messages.

Increase school spirit

Create an accepting and helpful community. Celebrate class accomplishments and increase club engagement by using digital content.

Effective schedules

Keep students, parents, and faculty informed and up to date. Schools can use digital signage for schools to instantly update schedules.

Improve the experience

Use digital signage for schools and colleges to showcase wayfinding and help students, professors, and visitors to find their classes and offices. Show the time, date, and location of the guest lecture.

Display school news conveniently with Sigma DS

Instead of focusing on the signage, we want you to pay attention to your students. Simply drag and drop any images, videos, and documents into our digital signage system. With remote screen management, it merely takes one click to display it on screens all throughout schools and colleges. Playlists that are simple to construct and free templates that are easy to customize help quickly and beautifully display your updates on the screen. 

No technical knowledge is necessary; just plug in our Sigma Media Player to the TV and it will work. Additionally, it is durable and reliable, making it ideal for the harsh environments seen in schools. Most significantly, it is specifically designed for digital signage, making it the high-end technology that businesses can rely on.

Count on our superior safety mechanisms, which prevent tampering on both our software and hardware. No need to worry about senior pranks with Sigma DS.Put your trust in firewall, SSL, as well as Player Lockdown and Encryption features.

Choose from thousands of free stock images in our Galleries or use your own photos and videos. Additionally, no matter where you are, you can instantly edit, update, and display your information in real-time directly from our web platform.

Starting at just Rs. 2000/year/screen, we provide incomparable, feature-rich pricing packages that are affordable for all schools and colleges. Please contact us for special pricing if you are planning a large-scale roll-out of digital signage for education.

We have knowledgeable technical support engineers available to you at all times. Most importantly, get in touch with us so we can assist you remotely and make sure your digital signage is running successfully.

Digital Signage for Cafes and Restaurants

Sigma DS, Digital signage for cafes and restaurants is a must-have solution since it provides a quick and easy way to create and manage digital menu boards and promos that can improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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Quickly create beautiful digital menu boards

Add your own branding, photos, or videos to our free menu board templates. No matter where you are, quickly update menu items and prices online. Changes are reflected instantly on screens in many places that can reduce costs and time.


of restaurant owners report that digital signage has increased sales.



Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Display your promotions to boost sales

Last-minute orders are boosted by eye-catching videos and photos of promotions and deals. Additionally, employ TVs and storefront signage to draw in new and recurring customers. It is simple to design and schedule playlists of discounts and promos with sigma digital signage software.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Cafe and Restaurants that increase your earnings


Customers are tempted while waiting in line by visually appealing media. While your staff concentrates on keeping clients satisfied, let your screens do the selling.


Use menu boards on storefronts to draw in more customers. Draw them in, they're already hungry for your tasty meal. Then promote additional menu items on the store TVs.


Engage customers as they wait for their orders by displaying upcoming deals, product details, news, and weather. Also let them know about events and party services.


Display loyalty programs to draw in recurring customers. Showcase excellent consumer feedback from social media as well.


Plan your menu boards so you can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the right audience at the right moment.

Save money

Help the environment while saving money. In place of spending money on design and printing services, update your digital menu board.

Why choose Sigma DS?

Drag and drop is all it takes to quickly upload your pictures and videos. Additionally, use hundreds of free stock photos from our galleries to make mouthwatering digital menu boards that increase sales.

No matter where you are, you can use our web platform to remotely upload, modify, and display content on all TVs from your PC.

Get a simple and effective signage solution that fits any company’s budget, no matter how big or little, with incredibly reasonable pricing options. Additionally, all of our plans have a ton of features, so you get excellent value for your money.

All media content, including movies, photos, YouTube, documents, and scrolling text, are designed to run without any interruption. Additionally, you can add free Sigma Widgets to your playlists and layouts to display time, local clocks, news, and sports feeds.

If you own a bar, restaurant, or pub, did you know that your regulars like to watch sports while they enjoy beer? You can switch from signage content to live TV, or display live or cable TV along with your signage promotions and adverts on a screen layout.

The Sigma Media Player is pre-configured with your branding and includes all the necessary cords. Simply plug it in to start seeing stunning digital menu boards on your screen.

Our top priority is your security. Enterprise-level features like SSL, firewalls, password rules, player lockdown, and storage encryption ensure the security of your data. So you can rest assured that your digital signage installation complies with the highest security guidelines.

Best Digital Signage for Hospitals

An effective tool for the healthcare sector, Sigma DS enables smooth communication with patients, staff, and visitors through eye-catching visuals that may inform, educate, and entertain. Sigma DS is therefore an essential tool for the healthcare sector.

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Encourage hospital workers to be the best at what they do

Hospital digital signage is beneficial to everyone, including medical staff, patients, and visitors. It’s crucial for business whether you manage a big or small hospital. With up-to-date content, you can also improve the patient and visitor experience and boost profitability by generating more promotional revenue.


of people who visit hospitals can remember at least one message from digital signage.


Reduction in stress and perceived wait times by using digital signage for hospitals.


Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Engage the public's attention with healthcare signage

Delivering appealing digital signage information that is current, aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, comprehensible, and memorable is essential for reaching your target audience effectively. If you could give your viewers the information they require right now, you could watch them turn into loyal customers.

Additional signage benefits for hospitals that increase your revenues


Notify patients, staff, and visitors of any current delays, disruptions, or other emergency notifications.


Encourage your patients to use related services in order to deliver a thorough treatment experience.


Assist patients and visitors in finding restrooms, cafeterias, gift shops, and clinics.


By employing our hospital digital signage software, you may display informational, entertaining, and engaging content to reduce perceived wait times and patient frustration.


Using the scheduling feature, you can schedule your hospital information and remotely manage awareness campaigns and service promotions across many locations.

Save money

Use healthcare digital signage software to replace conventional paper marketing materials to save money and protect the environment.

Why choose Sigma DS?

Our software has an intuitive user interface that makes creating content far too simple. You can drag and drop your content into place in a matter of seconds, giving you total control over the screen. In order to improve your results, we also offer a vast library of stock photos from our galleries.

You can easily manage your content from wherever you are, upload it to any screen, and edit it online as well.

Find a streamlined signage solution that is suited to your requirements and comes with a reasonable cost. We provide solutions that are completely in line with your financial limits, and all of our plans are loaded with features that provide incredible value for your money.

Our solution gives users the option to show a variety of media types, including YouTube videos, photos, and document files. By using our selection of free Sigma Widgets that will improve the appearance of your displays, you can take your playlists and layouts to the next level.

With our platform, it is quite simple to switch from signage content to live TV. Show live or cable TV concurrently with your signage promotions to seamlessly engage your audience and increase the effect of your advertisements.

Enjoy a simple setup process with the Sigma Media Player. It easily comes pre-configured with your branding design, so say goodbye to time-consuming settings. With all the required cords included, connecting it couldn’t be simpler. Watch as your screen comes to life with the help of amazing hospital signage solutions.

Your security is a top priority at Sigma DS. In order to guarantee your absolute safety, we use enterprise-grade technologies like SSL encryption, and firewall security. Your data is always secure, allowing you to concentrate on digital signage projects without risking data security.

Clear and Precise Messages are now more crucial than ever.

Sigma DS provides advanced yet user-friendly ways to manage and create stunning content for your digital signs in fitness and gym facilities. 



With Sigma DS, you can easily and swiftly notify members about future sales, promotions, and events.

Relay Important Messages

Clarity in communication with the members is more crucial than ever. Inform your members about the rules and your methods for maintaining a secure environment.


Keep Members Entertained

Make your gym a destination for overall wellness by playing fitness-related content or streaming YouTube videos to keep your gym members entertained. You can display more information simultaneously with the aid of the Sigma DS split screen feature.

Encourage Members

Maintain your members’ motivation during the workout. Display motivational quotes, inspirational stories, mark a milestone, and share great moments via your signage.


Frequently Asked Questions

We support all popular media formats including Adobe Flash, PowerPoint, PDF and more. All major video codecs supported including MP4, WMV, FLV & AVI in both standard and high definition.

Once installed, your content can be easily managed by your designated administrator through a username and password.

SigmaDS provides 24/7 Level 2 phone support and system monitoring via email and/or text alerts. Our support team can immediately notify your selected administrators of any issues, reducing your downtime.

From the industry’s leading brands of commercial grade displays to an endless selection of mounting options, we offer every component you need for a complete solution in a variety of trusted brands. We work with you to determine the best hardware for your budget and your business needs.

Digital Signage in the Hospitality Industry

Sigma DS is the ideal option for hospitality businesses looking to improve the experience they deliver to their customers. Easily create captivating digital signage.

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Create one-of-a-kind guest experiences.

Use attention-grabbing media to highlight your hotel’s amenities and create an exceptional experience for your visitors. Hotel digital signage may help you advertise your in-house services and provide details about additional services, nearby points of interest, and remarkable experiences. For hotel visitors who might be in a rush, exhausted, or simply feeling disoriented in their new surroundings, digital signage works wonders at providing convenient, easy-to-access information.


of restaurant owners report that digital signage has increased sales.



Increase in average purchases because of ads on digital signage.


Effectively cross-sell and upsell services

Draw customers in by using screens that showcase and upsell your services. Hospitality digital signage can increase engagement and boost sales by promoting seasonal events, limited-time specials, or restaurant hours or spa services. Use multimedia content to fully engage visitors in the one-of-a-kind experiences your institution has to offer.

Extra benefits of Hospitality Digital Signage that boost your profits


Welcome visitors and immediately create a relaxed setting where they feel informed, at ease, and entertained.


Visitors can get the answers to frequently asked questions on large digital displays that show hotel-related information.


Reduce perceived wait times at the front desk by up to 35% by using digital signage that provides interesting and practical material.

Keep visitors safe

Use your screens to display emergency notifications. Remotely display safety and evacuation instructions in real time.

Boost Earnings

Utilize screens to cross- and upsell your services while sparking customers' interest.

Reduce costs and time

Easily update the digital signage in your hotel from anywhere, saving time and money on design and printing services.

Why choose Sigma DS?

No matter where the screens are, it merely takes a few clicks to get your content there. Use a content library full of layouts, stock photos and widgets to drag and drop content onto the platform. 

With the help of our web platform, you may remotely upload, edit, and show content on all TVs using a PC.

We provide amazing, feature-rich plans starting at Rs. 2000 per year per screen. 

Please get in touch with us for a special price if you’re planning a major roll-out of digital signage software for any hospitality facility.

Sigma DS is designed to play various types of media information smoothly, including YouTube videos, photos, documents, and more. Use your own images and videos, or pick from a huge selection of free stock images in our galleries. No matter where you are, you can edit, update, and show your material in real time using the Sigma DS platform.

No technical knowledge is necessary; simply plug in our Sigma Media Player and it will work. It is robust and dependable, and it is developed for digital signage, making it the commercial-grade technology that many enterprises rely on.

Our top priority is keeping your data safe. Your data and screens are protected thanks to enterprise-level technologies like SSL, firewalls, Player lockdown, and storage encryption. So you can rest assured that your digital signage implementation complies with the strictest security standards.

Our skilled tech support engineers will be there for you every step of the way. In order to make sure your journey with digital signage is successful, get in touch with us or chat with us. We can assist you remotely.

Government Digital Signage in Nepal

Government digital signage enables federal, state, and municipal institutions and organizations to communicate efficiently with the public and staff. Government facilities must provide visitors with content that will answer their questions and shorten their perceived wait times. 

Effective digital signage systems provide a new channel of communication for improving visitor experiences, delivering essential messages, wayfinding, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage is an innovative, multimedia experience for your customers that gives you the opportunity to display diverse content such as internal messaging, advertisements, targeted media, and informational messaging, dynamically and instantly. Digital signage is an agile, engaging communication tool that drives revenue, enhances customer experiences, and communicates brand identity and messaging. Because of its fluidity and extensive capabilities, it far surpasses static mediums such as print

From the industry’s leading brands of commercial grade displays to an endless selection of mounting options, we offer every component you need for a complete solution in a variety of trusted brands. We work with you to determine the best hardware for your budget and your business needs.

Digital signage will work with any screen capable of connecting to a computer. A solutions expert can tell you if your current monitors are compatible with digital signage.

We support all popular media formats including Adobe Flash, PowerPoint, PDF and more. All major video codecs supported including MP4, WMV, FLV & AVI in both standard and high definition.