Digital Signage for Movie Halls in Nepal and its Use Cases

digital signage for movie halls in nepal

Canvas movie posters are almost dead! Nowadays, movie halls use different forms of media to create an impact on their employees and moviegoers. Digital Signage for movie halls in Nepal is used for various reasons. It is a combination of great visuals and data. Different widgets showing movie content and equally aesthetic visuals catch people’s attention. All these are possible when we use digital signage.

Digital Signage in cinema halls is used to show movie posters and display ads, information about tickets, seats, menu boards, and so on.

Large format displays, video walls, and digital menu boards are examples of digital signage for cinema halls. These displays can be placed throughout the theatre, such as in the lobby, ticketing queue, and even inside the movie theatre.

Sigma DS brings you the opportunity to implement the service of digital signage in multiplexes and movie halls. As Nepal’s leading cloud-based digital signage service provider, we offer great tools and technologies to cope with the modern marketing world.

Top use cases of digital signage for movie halls in Nepal:

1. Promotion

People spend a lot of time waiting in the lobby or different areas of movie halls for either the movie to start or getting snacks. This time can be utilized to promote upcoming films, events, or special screenings. It can be done through dynamic video displays, static images, or text-based announcements. Now you can display QR codes for moviegoers to get coupons for the next show.

2. Concession sales

Boost concession sales by displaying menus, specials, and combo deals. Increase sales and improve the overall movie-going experience for customers. Eye-catching animations, vivid videos, etc, on the digital menu, can help enhance your brand. Digital menu boards can help to sell items that need to be noticed by the public. Now you can use the cloud-based application of Sigma DS to display the current inventory.

3. Wayfinding

Help customers navigate the movie hall by displaying directions to restrooms and specific locations inside the multiplexes. This helps to eradicate confusion and improve the overall experience of the customer. Now managers can add information showing traffic information. The screens can be programmed to show traffic as moviegoers exit the theatre and head home. Quick access to such information can save a lot of time. As a leading digital signage provider in Nepal, Sigma DS provides online applications so managers can access the screens and update time to time.

4. Engage your customers with social media

Consumers involved through social media are essential. They help promote the brand and make people aware of the services. Use social media widgets to develop a digital wall that promotes cinema halls and creates buzz around homes. Social media can generate automated content. It indicates how the multiplexes care about their customers and tries to deliver the services adequately.

5. Display ads

Use digital signage to show content related to ads. Provide digital infrastructure to add value while you display your information. Multiplex managers can now display ads through digital screens. It generates revenue through promotion. Providing dynamic content through screens draws more customers to the advertisements. Sigma DS helps you run your ads, which may be hectic using static posters.

6. Entertainment

Through our services, Sigma DS helps you show multiple media components simultaneously. It can provide additional entertainment for customers. They can now utilize their time while they wait for the movies to start to watch various creative and equally entertaining videos. Trailers of the next film, movie trivia, etc, can easily entertain moviegoers.

7. Monitor performance

Digital signage in cinema halls is used to visualize employees’ different performance metrics and goals. You can now process raw data into meaningful charts for effective comparison. It also aids in proper visualization. Use it to monitor whether the goals have been met. It provides a more straightforward way for employees to visualize about whole day’s sales and booking.

8. Enhance employee communication:

Digital signage is extremely important to maintain employee communication. They can quickly get messages from managers on how to carry on with the day’s tasks. It can show HR protocols, administrative information, updates, etc. Communication through static posters is no longer effective. Nowadays, Workers are more comfortable with technology and seek information or messages through digital displays. Communicating them through digital signage, a medium similar to the devices they interact with every day, is natural and ensures the complete absorption of information.

To finish;

Digital Signage for movie halls in Nepal plays a vital role in the execution of the business. Nobody wants to go to tacky places where they have no access to information related to movies or even a way to find the route to various areas of the theatre. It has multiple potentials, such as engaging moviegoers, helping them utilize time, displaying ads, generating extra revenue, etc.

Sigma DS supports all the services required to execute the movie business. By providing services 24/7, we have satisfied all of our customers. As we are the leader in providing cloud-based digital solutions in Nepal, we have helped customers increase their brand value with a sufficient increase in their revenues.

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