Revolutionize Your Bank with Digital Signage: Discover the Benefits, Best Practices, and Mistakes to Avoid!

Let us admit the fact that the banking sector in Nepal is still following traditional ways to present itself to its customers. We can see TV screens as a platform to highlight the services the bank offers. But most banks in Nepal rely on USB-driven static images/videos and play the content in a loop. Many banks run the Discovery or the National Geography channel with no sound to keep the customer engaged while waiting. But it will do more harm than good, right? 

Every sector has become digital, and in the digital world, the in-branch banking experience should also be top-notch. The use of social media excessively has led people to have shorter attention spans. Only catchy visuals along with informative content will grab our attention now. No one wants static or offline media, which works on a loop every single day. 

The online banking system has made work convenient for people. But it is also a fact that people still visit banks. So, to enhance the in-branch banking experience, what you need is a digital signage solution for banks in Nepal. And Sigma DS has come to your aid as a cloud-based digital signage solution provider in Nepal.

Before digging into the scenarios of the uses of digital signage in banks, let us look at the following data.

  • Digital Signage Market is growing at a CAGR of 7.3%. We expect it to grow into a company of 30 billion dollars in the next few years. [Bloomberg]
  • 9 out of 10 banks admit that digital signage is significant for implementing their in-branch strategies. [Visible Banking Today]
  • You can reduce the perceived waiting time of your customers by 35% using bank digital signage. [Digital Signage Today]

Benefits of bank digital signage:

  • Customer Experience: Improve the experience of your customer through the interactive design of animated signage boards, and educating them while they wait in the lobby. 
  • Brand Awareness: Enhance your brand through screens placed at different locations, and lead the way into digital banking. Increase brand productivity through small efforts. Help your company to grow through our services.
  • Centralization: Manage screens through apps that work from cloud service. Ease your way into using the signage features without needing to deploy IT specialists.

Different ways to use digital signage in banks:

  • Welcome Messages: Banks can display welcome messages for customers. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Sigma DS works to maintain the clarity of messages provided to customers. As a growing digital signage platform in Nepal, we provide enough resources to display the content on the screen from the comfort of a home, or any other location.
  • Information Displays: Various information related to interest rates, financial advice, loan rates, and so on can be displayed. You can now show office time and peak hours when to visit the bank. No one wants to waste time figuring out what they need. Help your customers get the help they need without them needing to seek it. 
  • Promotions and Offers: Banks can use digital signage to promote their services. This includes different short-term and long-term offers, discounts, etc.
  • Queue management: Digital signage is used to manage queues in banks. This can include displaying wait times, directing customers to different service areas, and providing updates on the status of their transactions.
  • Real-Time Financial Updates: Bank means money exchange, and the exchange rates can change all the time. By integrating cloud-based solutions, we help to make real-time updates in exchange rates. This is done through cloud-based widgets available in the cloud-based Digital Signage platform. 

Tip: To display live updates on the stock/share market, you can go for Sigma DS and make your work less complicated.

  • Display banking formalities: People may come across situations such as filling up documents while creating F/D accounts or getting themselves new S/B accounts. KYC form filling may be big brainer for a few people. Help your customers to learn bank-related formalities with digital signage. You can now upload screen recordings that show how to finish the bank-related job.
  • On-screen QR codes: QR code displays are effective as it saves the time used to type all the information through keyboards. People can easily scan the code and get the information they desire.
  • Training Videos: Use screens to show training videos. You can now deliver effective learning among the working staff and new trainees. Save time used up in conducting seminars, and everyone being present in a single room. Teach them at the place they are working.
  • Share employee-generated content: Sigma DS helps with services where employees can update their content based on their creativity. The workplace can be more effective and interactive. 

To provide a cloud-based digital signage solution in Nepal, Sigma DS works 24/7 with consumers to build a brand and promote it on a larger scale. We have worked with many businesses hand in hand and have successfully helped to increase revenue. 

Mistakes to avoid while using digital signage for banks:

While digital signage can be a powerful tool for banks, some common mistakes are to avoid to ensure that it is effective. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using digital signage for banks:

  • Overloading screens with information:  As tempting as it may seem to include maximum information as possible on digital signage, it may be counterproductive. Customers can become confused if there is too much information.

Here at Sigma DS, we provide measures on how to avoid such scenarios and help business owners to display relevant and useful information.

  • Poor design: Poor design can distract the customers. It may be unappealing even to the people who work there. Visually appealing signage boards should be the goal of banks to increase productivity.
  • Focus only on the customers: The emphasis only on customers may ruin the productivity of the employees. One should present the signage boards, which helps the employees too.
  • Lack of relevance: The screens displaying information need to be tailored to reach the needs and interests of the target audience. Sigma DS, a leading platform to provide digital signage solutions in Nepal, tutors to display relevant and useful content to their users.
  • Inconsistent messaging: Messages on the board should be informative and delivered with consistency. A lack of this aspect can confuse customers and hinder the proper delivery of the bank’s message.
  • Not updating content frequently: Digital Signage becomes ineffective if there is no regular update. The fresh content should be updated from time to time to make the broadcast more informative.

To sum up;

Follow the guidelines to make good use of digital signage in the banking sector. Misleading information can harm the reputation of the institution. We here at Sigma DS work to help you with all the scenarios and guide you to make efficient use of our cloud-based services. Let the power of bank digital signage impact your overall brand identity for good.

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