What is Digital Signage? Examples and Technology Associated with Digital Signage

The world around us has enough signs to make our lives simpler and more exciting. Have you ever noticed digital boards with information based on certain aspects while taking a walk around the neighborhood or when you’re at a game with your friend in a stadium and see all those sponsored ads sliding by the screen? Those animations catch your attention quickly, right?

The signs just keep popping around you, and they have been there for a long time. These are seen on digital screens such as LED screens.

Digital Signage is an interactive tool to display various contents on digital screens more effectively than hoarding boards with plain text written on them. They can be used in many fields such as schools, restaurants, banks, museums, and so on. Sigma DS provides cloud-based digital signage software solutions in Nepal and incorporates all the essentials.

Examples of digital signage:

Digital signage is used to display public information and share product details with consumer groups. They are used for interactive communication inside a company among the working staff.

Let us take a look at the areas where it can be implemented:


Companies can use digital signage to promote a product that has been launched. They can present the price details, technology involved, and other product details in a more vivid way. They can also present static ads along with multimedia content and demonstrations.


Organizations can display the services offered by them on screens, increasing familiarity with the service among people in need. Digital signage helps to bring light to the organization and its products. Sigma DS helps companies with marketing to get the best out of it.

Event Schedules:

Digital signage boards are used for something more than just advertisements. Organizations can easily display major events relating to the institute or organization on the screens. It can be helpful to make job charts and time schedules for different people associated with the organization. Cloud-based services related to digital signage solutions in Nepal make it easier to access and update these features.


Digital signs can be used to create interactive location tracing and display important landmarks around the place you are looking for. For example, when you are new to your job and are looking for a way to reach there on time. Not only are you shown where to go, but also a short animation to reach the place. Sounds more interesting, right?

How to use digital signage?

To make optimum use of digital signage, one has to understand the need to implement it in the first place. The purpose of use, the number of screens required to display the signs, and the places to keep the screens are the basics to install the signage facility. After you are ready to use the service, these are the basics that need to be opted for:

Hardware Requirement: This includes screens, cables, and other infrastructure.

Software Requirement: The CMS software controls the management of the device and content.

Network: Proper networking is necessary to manage how the screens and their contents will be managed.

Here at Sigma DS, we provide counseling and solutions related to digital signage. Sigma DS is a growing institution in Nepal working thoroughly to educate people about the digitization of business and provide solutions for cloud-based digital signage in Nepal through its services.

Technologies associated with digital signage:

Digital Signage Players:

A Content Management System (CMS) is used to present the content on the screen, and software helps to access and manage the content of the system. Digital players play a key role in production benefits, although they may seem obsolete at first.

Content Management System:

Managing the content of the system is vital, and CMS controls how the content is displayed on the screen. CMS manages the flow of data and timing, monitoring and reporting on the system’s work. Based on the system’s data, productivity can be easily optimized.


Screens, such as TVs, LCD, and LED screens, are used to display the content in coordination with CMS and Digital Signage Players. The number of screens can be managed based on organizational needs—the more, the merrier.

Services Associated with Digital Signage:

The increasing demand for digital signage technology may lead to questions about services and the degree to which they are easily accessible.


The technology is easy to implement and operate remotely. It is easy to install and does not require an IT expert to manage the system daily. A few days of use can make one experienced enough to operate the screens.

Remote Support:

Technology requires regular monitoring to ensure its proper usage. It is bound to go into faulty performance, but it is not a grave issue, as the digital signage service makes one able to maintain CMS remotely. You are an expert to manage the system all by yourself. It is just a click or two away from management, and the system is back to work feasibly. Sigma DS works with owners and technical staff to brainstorm how the services can be implemented to provide maximum remote support.

On-site Support:

Routine checks and reports on hardware components are important to ensure that the investment does not go down the drain.

Examples where digital signage is used:


Any place that has a regular footfall of customers can use these digital signage boards. It is easy to set up and make regular updates about the products related to pricing and logistics.

Food Industry:

A good restaurant makes it easy for customers to find the place and look for the items placed in menus. Since the cloud-based digital signage solution in Nepal is easy to update, it comes in handy to make regular changes. This helps to increase business revenue and make the brand bigger. Sigma DS has helped multiple food business industries utilize the best digital signage solution in Nepal.

Events and Exhibitions:

The screens display the theme and name of the event, and the purpose of the event can be displayed for the audience. It provides the solution to planning, executing, and promoting products. The signage facility is helpful to direct the public to the venue of the event and guide them to stalls, eatery service, and restrooms. Digital Signage is versatile and can be used in any field required to make the system interactive and highly communicative.

Sigma DS has seen rapid growth among business owners in Nepal who are familiar with how it works. We are one of the leading cloud-based digital signage companies working day and night to ensure ease of access to our services from the comfort of your home.

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