Best Hotel Digital Signage in Nepal

Improve both the on-site and in-room guest experience.
Effectively cross-sell and upsell services .
Highlight hotel amenities to attract guests. 
Showcase local attractions to inform visitors.

Sigma DS offers advanced yet user-friendly approach to create beautiful content and manage your digital signs.


Display Facilities and Services

Draw attention by providing media-rich material that upsells services. To fully immerse visitors in the once-in-a-lifetime experiences your hotel offers, use photographs and videos.

Promote Special Deals and Events

Promote seasonal events or time-limited special offers to encourage engagement and increase sales. Make a captivating playlist out of pictures, videos, and other media files, and show it on screens in busy locations.


Welcome Visitors

Engage, enlighten, and entertain guests at reception with appealing playlists that emphasize hotel amenities and features. Impress visitors right away with captivating, multimedia-rich digital signage content.

Share Relevant Information

Showcase the hours of operation for restaurants and other services, hotel activities, nearby sights, and weather predictions. By displaying promotions from reputable third parties, you can raise advertising revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage is an innovative, multimedia experience for your customers that gives you the opportunity to display diverse content such as internal messaging, advertisements, targeted media, and informational messaging, dynamically and instantly. Digital signage is an agile, engaging communication tool that drives revenue, enhances customer experiences, and communicates brand identity and messaging. Because of its fluidity and extensive capabilities, it far surpasses static mediums such as print

Your digital solution can be implemented anywhere in your business that can support a monitor or television and the necessary hardware components. Businesses have used digital signage for everything from interactive way-finding systems and menu boards, to up-to-the minute financial reporting and digital bulletins.

From the industry’s leading brands of commercial grade displays to an endless selection of mounting options, we offer every component you need for a complete solution in a variety of trusted brands. We work with you to determine the best hardware for your budget and your business needs.

Digital signage will work with any screen capable of connecting to a computer. A solutions expert can tell you if your current monitors are compatible with digital signage.